6th (unofficial) tournament in table tennis 2018

Tournament rules:

Every player plays against every other player and the game ends when one of the players earns 3 sets by scoring 11 points in each set. Each tournament game should be also supervised by a third tournament player who is kindly asked to send the corresponding results to bruhaj|at|ntis.zcu.cz (subject: Turnaj vysledky). The tournament is held from 1 to 28 February 2018. For unfinished games no player get any points. Current results will be displayed in the Czech version of this website only ( link.).


Tournament registration is open till 10 February 2018. You can register by mail: bruhaj|at|ntis.zcu.cz (subject: Turnaj registrace).


Cats Pong

Past results:

3/2016, here.

5-6/2016, here.

7-9/2016, here.