ma2ze - a 3D maze

Robert Cimrman

Copying: GPL


ma2ze is a 3D maze written in the matlab language. It is completely useless and abuses a very useful, though commercial, computer algebra system. Nevertheless it is amazing what can be done in a scripting language. The name ma2ze stands for 'MAtlab MAZE'. Matlab is a wide-spread commercial computer algebra system produced by Mathworks.

ma2ze consists of a collection of matlab scripts and functions that displays a simple 3D maze. (Do you remember Wolfenstein 3D?) You can use the keyboard to move observer's point or input the position and view angle by mouse on the maze map. Run maze_main in matlab and use 7, 8, 9, 4, 5, 6 for movement, m for map on/off, r for refresh map, s for observer position input by mouse (left button) on the map, s for observer angle input by mouse (non-left button) on the map, q for quit. You can resize the window by mouse, but it would be probably really ugly.

It was written out of curiosity, for mere exploration purposes and fun, so do not expect anything damn fast or useful ;-). On a K6-2 400 MHz it has only slightly above 1.5 FPS, but it works! (BTW. it is my first code able to run in M$ Windoze... Nothing to be too proud of, but portability is a nice thing.) I tried to render the same scene by the matlab surf command - it was more than 10 times slower. (Poor matlab must do real 3D, I do just a pseudo 3D...)


Starting point in the maze:

The corresponding map is here.


10.03.2000 - 0.1.0 is the initial public version hence it deserves a page. It is probably the final release as well...


Here you can get the first and last public version 0.1.0. If you are interested in other code that was not actually used, click here.
E-mail: cimrman3 at students dot zcu dot cz

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