University of West Bohemia

Daniel Sosna, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of West Bohemia

Curriculum Vitae

'...let's be bolder and confront the subject matter of our science, human nature, not by looking at universals as biologists and psychologists do, not by dissecting thought experiments or a Western notion of the subject, as philosophers do, nor by treating peoples' lives and achievements as texts, as literary critics do, but by trying to render systematically intelligible the multiple ways in which we, a specific kind of organism, engage with the world, acquire a representation of it, and contribute to modifying it by weaving with humans and non-humans constant or occasional links of a remarkable, but not infinite, diversity.'


I use this quote because it touches the core of anthropology and I like the way Descola wrote it. I have always loved anthropology because of its ability to change perspectives and switch between the particular and general, quality and quantity, explanation and understanding. This goes beyond the quote - perhaps the author of the quote would not agree with some of these ideas - but it describes what I feel about anthropology. I believe that at least some of the ideas generated by our research will contribute to the understanding of who we really are ...

Last update 20/04/2016