Proceedings IP 2012

Renewable Energy Sources


8.6. - 17.6. 2012
Špičák - Železná Ruda, Czech Republic
ISBN 978-80-261-0130-7

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Viktor Majer, Wolfgang Schufft Comparison of German and Czech energetic sector in the field of RES

Sindy Röhlig, Eberhard Schröter Integration of renewable energies in the development of modern transport infrastructure
Alexander Mészáros Economic efficiency of renewable energy sources
Marek Pavlík, Ján Zbojovský, Martin German-Sobek, Marián Hrinko Vision of the project Desertec

Roman Jakubčák, Stanislav Kušnír, Matúš Katin Possibilities of using solar energy
Martin German-Sobek, Jozef Király, Matúš Novák, Marián Hrinko New trends in photovoltaic
Hana Benešová, Jan Škorpil Some results from research and development of thin-film photovoltaic cells
Dušan Medveď Residual heat utilization of photovoltaic cells
Milan Bělík Fire risks of photovoltaic systems
Daniel Kouba Simplified assessment of connectivity of photovoltaic power plants in the low voltage networks
Jan Veleba Voltage control of distribution networks with photovoltaic power sources
Lenka Raková, Jan Škorpil Influence of photovoltaic power system on environment in the Czech Republic
Pavol Hocko, Jaroslav Petráš, Matúš Novák, Ján Zbojovský Impact of the renewable energy sources on long-term dynamic in the Slovak power system
Marek Hvizdoš, Ján Tkáč Operation of distributed energy sources
Matúš Novák, Pavol Hocko, Martin German-Sobek, Marián Hrinko Models of renewable energy sources for grid analysis
Vladislav Síťař Simulation of non-linear load
Miloslava Tesařová Network configuration impact on during-fault voltage in distribution systems

Stanislav Kušnír, Roman Jakubčák, Pavol Hocko Possibilities of power flows control

Ján Zbojovský, Pavol Hocko, Marek Pavlík. Jozef Király Operation of hydropower plants in Slovakia
Jozef Király, Martin German-Sobek, Ján Zbojovský, Marek Pavlík Biomass usage in CHP units
David Rieger New method for preparation of nanomaterial powders
Vladislav Síťař Simulation of electrical lines with distributed parameters in the program Dynast
Lenka Šroubová, Roman Hamar, Petr Kropík Induced losses in linear equipment buried near an overhead power line

Oldřich Kroupa Computer simulation of induction crucible furnace with supplementary construction element



Presentations of the IP participants:
Kühnert fahrE - Concepts of multi-modal micro mobility using local renewable energies
Röhlig, Schröter Integration of renewable energies in the development of modern transport infrastructure
Veleba, Síťař Possibilities of voltage control in islanded distribution systems with photovoltaic power sources

Fire risks of photovoltaic systems

Hocko, Petráš Impacts of renewable sources on long-term dynamics in Slovac power system
Gerbeth Membrane technology for process water cleaning in aquaculture - changes and challenges
Gemende, Hahn Project survey on the use of residuals and renewable materials for closed material loops (“From waste to energy & substance“)
Kušnír Possibilities of power flows control in electric power system with FACTS devices
Jakubčák Using the TCSC for power flows control and reduce power losses in power systems
Novák Solving technical problems in open power electricity market of Slovac Republic
Paulitschke A Test-Bed for Investigation of Multi-Storage-Systems
Sedláčková The Azolla
Zbojovský, Pavlík Sources, use and measurement of electromagnetic field
Hlásková Bird injuries caused by power lines
Pavlík Effect of electromagnetic field on human body
Király Magnetic fluids in power engineering
Katin Swing up of conductor depending on weight of ice and span size
Hrinko Partial discharges – modeling of  the connection of slot part to earth