MBT around the world

Here you can see few of most known MBT of armies across the world. Most of other countries uses same tanks but in their own version.
Main Battle Tank is a term that goes into use after WW2 or rather said in Cold war. It was because most of countries stop making tanks bigger slower and more armored and make tanks with great canon and great mobility. Those are tanks that are called MBT.


Merkava is pronounced to be one of safest tanks in the world.
It is in use by Izrael army and some of their allies.

Leopard 2A7EU

Leopard2A7EU is one of most advanced tanks in the world.
This tank is in use of most wealthier countries in EU.


T72 is an old soviet tank taht is tank but our Czech golden hands made a tank that is comparable to most of world MTS's
T-72M4CZ is used only by Czech Republic


M1A1 is an the oldest MBT that we can find ... and version tusk is upgraded by many many things
it is in use of many armies around all of NATO and OSN but mainly in USA


T-90 is an Russian MBT and also one of the best MBT's in the world
It is in use of Russian fedaretion and wealthiers countries of former eastern bloc and former USSR.

Name Year of use Country of develop.
Merkava 1979 Izrael
Leopard 2A7EU 1979 Germany
T-72M4CZ 2003 Czech Republic
M1A2-TUSK 1980 USA
T-90 1992 Former USSR (now Russian Federation)

No matter what weather is, tank is always the best vehicle for a field trip.