𒆠𒄿 𒋗𒋾

This sign list is based on MesZL but some other worthful sources were used as well. The project tries to introduce (as much as possible) a complete overview of cuneiform signs with regard to the differences among the most significant sign lists, and it intends to facilitate their use in electronic texts.

It is not necessary for a simple list view, however, it is recommended that You install the following fonts on Your computer for better work with the characters (e.g. copying into a document or to another application):

CuneiformComposite.ttf – Ur III font created by Steve Tinney (direct link for download)
Sinacherib.ttf – my Neo-Assyrian font based on forms used in MesZL
– eventually also DejaVu Serif for parts in Latin script

To display the list, click on CUNEIFORM SIGN LIST.

For searching use Ctrl+F.

This sign list is still under development, if You find any fault, please let me know.

Kateřina Šašková, Pilsen 2015