Our laboratories

The forming laboratory

The forming laboratory houses equipment for both hot forming and cold forming.

The laboratory of tribology

The laboratory of tribology focuses on issues associated with lubrication and surface treatment in forming, mainly in hot and warm forming.

The laboratory of plastometry

Laboratory of platometry is used for measuring plastic properties of materials within an interval from the ambient temperature to 2500 °C under conditions ranging from quasi-static states to rapid deformation at rates of 100 s -1 .

The laboratory of material-technological modelling

The laboratory of material-technological modelling houses preparation machines, measuring instruments and equipment, and an in-house-designed thermomechanical simulator.

The laboratory of FEM simulation

The laboratory of FEM simulation offers software for numerical computation of forming, heat treatment, welding and machining processes, and a program for evaluating true strain levels via greyscale correlation.

The metallographic laboratory

The metallographic laboratory houses equipment for macroscopic examination, optical, laser...